Cost Effective Aerial Imagery, Inspection & Monitoring

Drone photography and video is revolutionizing remote-access inspection, data capture, aerial mapping and survey methodologies. Our aerial drone solutions are highly customized and scalable to meet our clients’ specific requirements.  Using our systems allows you to carry out regular and on-going monitoring of your facilities and assets as well as the capability to carry out automatic alerting on abnormalities that can be identified across the different data gathering sessions.

Why Hawk?

Our inspection drones will provide you with stills, videos and thermals to the crucial information you need as well as win you over with its excellent flight characteristics and unique features for maximum efficiency.

Drone inspections can provide critical inspection information in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other remote-access methodologies, with the added benefit of removing most of the human risk factors.

Typical Inspection and monitoring services we can provide include: Oil and Gas Facilities, Port Facilities, HAZMAT areas, Container Management Cranes, Tall Chimneys and Comms Towers, Wind Turbines, Landfills and Environment and Pollution.



Green Energy

Our aerial drones have the ability to monitor green technologies remotely checking for corrosion, leaks and other anomalies quickly and cost effectively.



Oil & Gas

The Hawk Monitor enables you to carry out inspections for preventive maintenance of gas and oil infrastructure for corrosion, leaks and other anomalies quickly.


VIP Solutions

We provide you with project specific Operations Command Systems (OCS), combined with eye in the sky drone systems that are designed to your needs.

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Engineering Automated Inspection

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